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At Solutions Builder, usability and data security are of paramount importance, and we go to great lengths to protect our clients’ data.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology.


How does Solutions Builder provide its solution to my company?

Clients access Solutions Builder’s accounting, reporting, and analytics solution through any modern internet-connected web browser. With Solutions Builder, your company gains automated accounting and reporting, and insight into your most current investment data.

Will I need to install or update any software to use the Solutions Builder system?

Because Solutions Builder’s solution is entirely web-based, no software installations are ever necessary. Solutions Builder automatically releases new functionality on a regular basis. Solutions Builder also conducts rigorous functional and security tests before these new features and upgrades are released, so you can be confident that your work will continue uninterrupted.

Can I export the reports I build within Solutions Builder’s system?

Reports created within Solutions Builder can be downloaded at any time. Report downloads are available in both Excel and PDF formats which are suitable for archiving, merging with your company’s internal reports, or presenting in meetings.

Does Solutions Builder offer additional data within the reports I build in the system?

Solutions Builder integrates third-party market data from Thomson Reuters, S&P 500, Moody’s, and others to blend with and support your company’s specific investment data. This allows for a more comprehensive assessment of your portfolio’s risk and compliance.

Can I access the Solutions Builder system on my smartphone or tablet?

Solutions Builder’s website is accessible from any mobile device with a web browser and an internet connection.

How do I know the data in my reports is correct?

Solutions Builder’s Data Services team ensures the data in your company’s reports is accurate and up-to-date. Solutions Builder will work directly with your company’s custodial sources in order to validate any data point that doesn’t reconcile automatically in our system. Solutions Builder confirms the integrity of your data so you can be confident in the accuracy of your reports.

How does the Solutions Builder system gather my data?

Solutions Builder gathers investment data directly from your company’s custodial sources and imports it securely into our system. We work directly with custody banks to set up fully encrypted data feeds, and gather your newest data every day.


How does Solutions Builder keep my company’s data secure?

Solutions Builder takes the security of your company’s investment data very seriously. Every data transfer coming into and going out of our system is fully encrypted. Once your data has been integrated into Solutions Builder’s database, it is protected by a secure network with monitored firewalls and constant vulnerability scanning. Network and host intrusion detection services, along with malware and virus scanning, protect Solutions Builder’s network and servers from malicious access attempts. We ensure that our security controls always meet the latest security standards. Also, a third-party security firm conducts a comprehensive penetration test every year.

Can I set up Solutions Builder accounts and access rights for people in my company?

Solutions Builder will work with you to set up user accounts and designate administrators. Your administrators manage users’ specific account permissions.

Can other companies using the  Solutions Builder system access my company’s data?

Each company’s investment data is isolated from and inaccessible to any other company using Solutions Builder’s system. Our technology is designed to provide each company with a unique and segregated identifier that ensures only your designated employees can access your data.

Do Solutions Builder employees have access to my company data?

Every Solutions Builder employee is trained to keep your company’s data protected and confidential, but only key Solutions Builder personnel who are assigned to support your account will have access to your data.

Is my Solutions Builder account login secure?

Solutions Builder utilizes strong password requirements for all of its users, and these passwords are never stored on the devices you use to access the website. Your connection to Solutions Builder’s website is fully encrypted and secured, and any repeated unauthorized attempts to access your user account will trigger security lockdowns to protect your data.


What if I have problems with my reports, or need help building a new one?

Help is always just a phone call or email away. Each client is supported by the Client Services team and a dedicated account manager that can help customize Solutions Builder for their specific needs.

Does Solutions Builder provide tutorials for using the system?

A Client Help Portal is available within the Solutions Builder website. It contains a wealth of training and support resources for new and seasoned Solutions Builder users. Along with videos, user guides, and an advanced search, Solutions Builder maintains product update documentation about recent improvements and new features to enable quick learning and utilization of Solutions Builder’s continuously evolving solution.

Does Solutions Builder track my company’s activity within its system?

We understand that historical usage and audit trails involving your company’s employees may be an important area of information for you. Solutions Builder employs comprehensive and detailed internal logging mechanisms in order to gather information about activity occurring within its system. Detailed logging also allows Solutions Builder to identify and analyze any issues that may require attention.

How do Solutions Builder employees handle my company’s data?

Solutions Builder employees are trained to handle your company’s data in a manner that preserves both its security and confidentiality. Every employee is required to go through annual security awareness training, and we maintain detailed internal information security practices and policies, which enables us to keep your company’s data protected.

How often does Solutions Builder upgrade its system?

Solutions Builder usually rolls out updates or new features for its systems monthly. Updates are tested thoroughly by Solutions Builder’s quality assurance teams to ensure they will function smoothly after entering production. Release notes that detail changes made with each update are stored in Solutions Builder’s Client Help Portal for quick reference.

What happens when Solutions Builder rolls out a new feature or an upgrade to its system?

Updates and changes to the Solutions Builder website (along with any new support resources) are communicated to users through our online Help Portal. Following an update, release notes are displayed to users during the login process, which detail the changes and new features available.


When is Solutions Builder’s system available for my company to use?

The Solutions Builder website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What happens if Solutions Builder’s system has an outrage or downtime?

Solutions Builder’s business continuity and disaster recovery processes are thoroughly defined and tested on a quarterly basis to ensure that downtime remains as brief as possible when outages occur. Solutions Builder maintains a disaster recovery site that provides quick and full recovery when issues arise at its primary production site. We offer agreed upon recovery times that ensure our client always has the most current data. To take a more thorough look at Solutions Builder’s excellent track record for website uptime, you can visit our system history page at

Will I know ahead of time when the Solutions Builder system will be down?

Solutions Builder posts notice of any emergency issues as well as upcoming planned downtime on its status website: Our regular maintenance window falls on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Mountain Time.

Does Solutions Builder backup my company’s data?

Solutions Builder is continuously mirroring client data from its production site to its disaster recovery site—data is never more than 30 minutes old. Additionally, we perform full backups of our database on a weekly basis, with incremental backups occurring daily. We ensure that your company’s investment data is not only securely backed up, but that it is also quickly accessible if a backup restoration becomes necessary.

Can I depend on Solutions Builder’s system to perform well?

Solutions Builder’s System Operations and IT teams are continuously monitoring the performance of our servers, applications, and hardware infrastructure. We are a growing company and are always building our infrastructure in anticipation of an annual increase in traffic, client connections, and reporting calculations. We take the steps necessary to provide a solid and responsive solution for companies that utilize our reporting and analytics tools.