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Solutions Builder Prism:

Modular data and reporting platform for investment services

Solutions Builder Prism is a cloud-native solution that delivers multi-asset-class data from any custodian, data/service provider, and client or vendor platform. You get a comprehensive view into all your holdings, transactions, cash, performance, and risk across all asset classes.

Solutions Builder Prism Features

Designed for firms that want a comprehensive view of their diverse assets across multiple platforms. The Prism platform enables firms to consolidate information across multiple accounting engines, analytic platforms, and data sources for an all-in-one reporting solution.

Comprehensive Web-Based Reporting

Work from a library of pre-built reports or customize views and insights for easier access, greater accuracy, and more timely delivery to stakeholders.

Unparalleled Data Ingestion and Aggregation

Aggregate data from any custodian, service or data provider, region, or platform, regardless of format, frequency, or protocol.

Robust Data Lineage and Traceability

View and interact with your data at any point using a self-service portal for viewing summary and detailed status information on your data feeds bringing full transparency and auditability into the data pipeline.

Established Investment Data Model

Leverage an established, multi-asset investment data warehouse and API library to aggregate, consolidate, and distribute investment data enterprise wide.

Customized Statements & Board Reporting

Showcase your core competencies with the polish and accuracy they deserve. Thoughtfully select and share only the most relevant data in impressive and purposeful presentations.

Self-Service Allows Your Team to Move Fast

Our easy-to-use and always on solution provides intuitive and interactive tooling that allows users to access and configure reports, insights, and analytics.

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