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The world’s most trusted and accurate investment accounting and reporting software

More than 1,000 organizations trust Solutions Builder Analytics to deliver timely, accurate, and comprehensive investment accounting and reporting on over $5.9T in assets daily.



Seamless investment data aggregation, validation, and reconciliation.

Efficiently scale your investment strategy, diversify asset classes, and improve your data management processes.

  • Integrated with downstream systems to provide clean data to all your investment accounting processes
  • Fully validated and reconciled data each day means you can make confident decisions
  • Daily audit-quality data enables you to close the books faster


Configurable investment reporting software for your needs.

Toggle between high-level and in-depth portfolio views for your portfolio book-of-record accounting, compliance monitoring, performance metrics, and risk analytics.

  • Monitor trends, measure performance, and track critical investment information
  • Quickly customize your reports by adding, removing, sorting, grouping, and filtering over 4,500 columns
  • Create and share custom reports and dashboards with team members easily


Confident decision-making with accurate data that is reconciled daily.

View outstanding data issues in real-time, monitor compliance, and track your portfolio exposure at the click of a button.

  • Fully repeatable and traceable data set brings confidence in your data
  • Investment accounting reporting at the security or lot level in any basis, provides you with the transparency you need
  • Timely book-of-record accounting and efficient month-end close process

Discover the difference transparency in data can make for your business.

The Solutions Builder Analytics Advantage

Revolutionize the world of investing with investment reporting software.

Solutions Builder provides accurate, timely, and comprehensive investment data.

Global Data Aggregation

With thousands of data connections to custodian banks, investment managers, brokers, order management systems, and third-party security master data vendors that automatically pull in data every morning, we’ve made aggregating your data a breeze.

Automated Data Validation & Reconciliation

Each day, our clients’ investment data is reconciled and validated against security master and other internally generated system data. This constant data upkeep gives clients the confidence that they are basing strategic investment decisions on accurate and up-to-date data.

Comprehensive Investment Accounting

Solutions Builder’s investment accounting tools were built with the flexibility to handle multiple currencies, accounting bases, and asset classes (from simple to complex). The system provides customized general ledger entries and a suite of standardized reports to automate regulatory reporting.

A User-Friendly Solution

The Solutions Builder system is accessible anytime, from anywhere. Easy-to-read reports and dashboards are quickly created, saved, customized, and shared so teams can collaborate, and users can quickly provide stakeholders with the exact data they need.

Integrated Investment Analytics and Reporting

Our fully reconciled data set feeds our reporting and analytics engine, meaning your reporting is always up to date and you have the power to manage your investments more efficiently.

Unparalleled Customer Support and Training

We strive to provide responsive, consistent, and effective support so you can focus on what you do best: managing your investments. It’s our responsibility to earn your business every day by providing the highest-quality support and training.